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Hampton Cello Ensemble 

Come along to the Hampton Cello Ensemble class, a fun-filled music making group with the aim of learning how to work together, overcome technical challenges and develop your confidence in playing with others.  




This is a group class for cellists of grade 4 - 8 level. You will have an opportunity to learn together and  play to each other and receive helpful feedback. The main emphasis will be on learning the skills of playing in an ensemble, listening, communicating, watching and counting, all of which are the vital skills of playing in any chamber group. 


We will get together once a month, and we will go through regular rehearsals before any performance opportunity. Whether the music is Bach, Vivaldi, Tchaikowsky or Gershwin, this class will guide each player to achieve the different styles of music. 


The prime purpose of this group is to have fun playing together, support one another, share experiences and gain confidence about taking on new challenges. 



With the guidance of Andrea Mundy, a professional cellist, the class will work towards ensemble performances, to friends and the public, in local venues. All funds from any concerts will be divided out to each of the members of the cello ensemble.



It is required that you are at least a grade 4 level of playing. 

It is recommended that you aim to make all the sessions each month in order to develop good teamwork and overall satisfactory musical development. 


To apply: Contact Andrea Mundy: 



The Oak Room @ Hampton Hill United Reformed Church.

35 High St, Hampton Hill, TW12 1NB. 


Monthly Sessions. Next Date: 

Likely to start up again in to be confirmed! 



£20 pp for each session. Please either pay on the day you attend, or pay by bank transfer.

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