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I have over 20 years' experience in playing for weddings, corporate functions and other events, and have collaborated with a variety of different ensembles. At present, I collaborate with Cello2ette and the Andela Duo, providing affordable, quality music that's right for your occasion. 



Wedding Events - Provides music for wedding services and background entertainment for guests, playing music that suits each special occasion and any music requested to make wedding days that extra special. Bookings are usually made for two hours but can do more if it is required. 


Corporate Functions - Provides music that suits the event and atmosphere, playing from a wide variety of music, from light Bach to Piazolla's tango's and the Beatles to Coldplay. 


Care Home and Hospital visits - With experience of dealing with vulnerable people and those with dementia, I provide an hours programme of well-known classics your residents will love! 


If you would like to find out more, please contact Andrea. 



A versatile cello duo based in London. We play a variety of music ranging from Bach to Coldplay. We are also dedicated to playing contemporary works for cello duo and welcome any new works. We are also dedicated to community projects, such as playing at residential care homes and schools, and hospitals.

To hear us play and find out more info please check out on Poptop -

Andela Duo.

A flute and cello duo based in London. We provide entertianing music and add that special touch to weddings and corporate functions. We play a wide range of music from Bach to the Beatles and are happy to play any special requests. 

For bookings and more info please use my contact page. You can find more information about us and hear us play by visiting our website and Facebook page. 

You can book us here (best option), our website (below) or you can find us on these links -





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